Friday, December 3, 2010

Other Good Rewards Programs

I mentioned a few of the ways we have earned free $ in a previous post, so I thought I would mention a couple of other programs that just might be worth your time.

If you're a Disney fan, definitely check out the Disney Rewards Program. All you have to do is sign up for an account and then enter in rewards codes and watch your rewards add up! We don't even buy a lot of Disney movies, but I looked around the house for the few movies/games we do have and I entered all of the codes on the website and I already have enough points some good free merchandise. You can earn everything from movies to posters to travel money towards vacations. (*Codes are printed on the little sheet of paper that comes inside your DVD case.)

MyCokeRewards is another program we are trying out. It works just like the Disney Rewards Program. Simply keep the bottle caps or codes off the inside of a 12 pack and enter them on the website. We haven't earned much on there yet, but my sister told me she got a Chili's gift card with the points she earned. 

What other rewards programs do you use?

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